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C'mon... Live with Joy!

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” ― Ruth Reichl

Seek Companionship

Companion is made up of two root words: “With” and “Bread”. When we break bread together, we share companionship. Seek out being known, loved and supported with a friend or loved one. Safely “break bread” with a conversation, a meal, and time to be known. Humans need companionship. Ask. Share. Receive. Pick a park, 6 feet apart, and share a picnic. Who would you choose?

Make an iTunes playlist that Enlivens

See what happens when you play these songs every day. Getting your body and mindset ready for a new day with your favorite songs is a sure way to start with a smile. What habit needs freshening in your day?

Dance and Sway

When the energy dips in the day or a mood sours, try dancing with a song. Allow yourself a tiny ceremony of dancing off the previous moment and usher in a new feeling in the day with a small gesture of dance. Inform the day with the key change and feel into a dance. What could be softened by this gentleness?

Change the Scene

Walk and explore. Invite beauty and nature to inform your senses. Pull out a map and see where you have not been. Find a hidden treasure early with sunrise, spring birds, crisp air. Night owl? Notice the cycle of the moon and plan a walk to celebrate a full moon. Awe? Inspiration? What is ready to awaken?

“My life is how I view it to be. My focus, language and body inform what my world consists of. I create the reality I live by the choices I make, the reality I construct, and what I believe to be true in the moment.”

Speak Kindly to Yourself

“I support myself with loving kindness today.” “I care for myself as an authority of my needs.” “Everything changes, so I get to change too.” What language would you use for your friend? Turn it toward yourself again and again. How does that tenderness feel?

Lay on the Grass

The Earth supports my entire being in this moment. Allow yourself to feel held and supported. Surrender. Breathe the scent of green. What perspective can you find here?


Where do you come to rest? Not to avoid or ignore oneself, but to give a comforting rest. Return here daily and offer peace to your mind, body and spirit. What brings you deeply nourishing rest?

Be Kindness for Another

Pick lilacs and deliver to the doorstep. Send a thought-filled podcast. What decorates your soul? Share with another.



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