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Know Where You're Going?

There are times when life feels like a 65 mile per hour ride with all of the windows open and radio blaring. But when you want to go somewhere, it takes some concentration, reparation, and taking the journey.

Got the Map?

Holding a defined road map fuels power and forward movement. Do you know your next step today? Tomorrow? Look closely, there in the legend is the truth with your picture on it: You are powerful and ready. This is your journey. Keep choosing well. Now look at the whole map. Is what is important to you plotted in your course?

Buckle Up. We begin!

And we begin again. And again. And again. Keep beginning, choosing, and going! Here are some questions to help you re-commit to the direction you want to be headed.

What do I want to accomplish in the next two weeks? How do I want to feel once that is done? Why is this important to me?

Caution: Your Map is Outdated!

Sometimes the maps become old or your narrative is stained with unhealthy speech and critical comments. What habit speech is too old to travel with? Aka What gremlin needs to be tossed out of the window? Freshen up the map. Laminate a shiny new route that fits you just right now. Fill the margins with positive messages and encouraging thoughts. What kind words do you want to offer yourself today?

Road Construction:

Don’t forget to notice the barricades and orange cones that limit how you view yourself. What is standing in the way of your next step? Noticing what you think is in the way often dissolves the barrier. Do you need a bridge? What support can connect you between here and there? Is a detour necessary to get to where you want to go?

Gas Up. Regularly.

Sleep. Eat. Rest. Meditate. Exercise. Save some. Spend some. Laugh. What fuels you?

Enjoy the ride. You are going places.

Don’t forget to celebrate how far you have come!

Namaste, Laura

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