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My Grown-Up Valentine

Dear Self,

Let me charm you into remembering how brilliant your self is. Those bright days of being in sync is like living with the spark that feels like #purpose, embodiment, spirit. I wish to caress your hair and tickle your back to woo the words light, easy, joy onto your skin. You are here. What a gift.

What words have been happening in your mind? I would like to melt sweet chocolate over sharp pointed criticisms. Allow me to ignite trays of candles to chase away anything but generous, warm support. Entreat me times to dream, lush and fertile longings. I wish to be with you, connected, centered, whole.

Like a banquet set with delicious dishes, you offer the world amazing things. This #Valentine’s day, how is your replenishment? Is anyone at the table taking so hungrily that it depletes your bounty? Rolling out the dough for the next round of giving, who would you like to see more of at your table? Who is it time to reconnect with?

What do you need to for your body’s best care? More of something? Less of something? What is waiting to be honored? I wish to spoil you in health. Vivacious work outs come flirt with me. Bundled walks through the woods, mittened and wool. Roasted beets and roots, sizzle on my plate and fill me with what I need today. Hot tea, pepper me through. The tub is filling with steam, bubbles, and your favorite tunes. The invitation has arrived.

All that is soft, gentle, and cushioned encompass you this Valentines moment. I’ve gathered all the ways you show care for others and arranged them in a basket of love. Here it is these memories, returned in a Valentine’s moment. Love, care, reaching out all come home now. Let this #appreciation rest in your heart. Breathing in, I Am. Breathing out, Home. Welcome Home to yourself this Valentine’s Day.



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