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Visualize What Is Next

Here are 6 steps to clarify what you want to grow and manifest in your life. Being clear means getting what you want. A clear vision of your future makes it easier to break down the steps to get there. In the daily doings of life, it is easy to forget your personal “north star” of where you want to head. Having an outline of your vision keeps you oriented toward actions that make sense.


1. Seeing is believing: Make a Vision Board

Imagine art…Feathers are flying, paint boxes of bright colors are opened expectantly, sharpies, paper, magazine pieces, photos, newspaper clippings, and inspirational quotes surround you as you begin. You get to decide what is next. In this great big wondrous world, your future is entirely yours. What do you choose? A vision board shows the detail of your future ambitions in art form, words and images. After it is completed, it serves as a daily reminder of where you are headed. Be specific with images that represent what you are aiming for. I have an artist explanation beneath my art to remind me what the images correspond to.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -- Eleanor Roosevelt


2. Create a List

The classic list is the bucket list. Make a list of all that you want to experience, accomplish, and do in the next year…2…3…10? This page can hold many lists of must do’s. Vacation destinations, retirement hopes, family connections, books to read, career goals, fitness end results…Be specific. Include dates, amounts, and measures to aim toward. The big picture list is an easy way to coordinate with calendars and scheduling what you want to attain.

3. Make a Timeline of your Life

What significant events have occurred in your life? Looking back and logging the timeline of your life can put into perspective what happened, when, and why. It’s easier looking forward standing on more firm footing of where you have been. Doing things differently can feel more realistic when framed with knowing that what you’ve always done has gotten you where you are. May you feel gratitude, appreciation and closure with what is a done. Timeline forward what you want to go toward. It is a personal projection which makes your next steps a choice. Shift out of neutral and into drive toward what you want and envision. Spring forward into the vision of what you want.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”-- Henry Ford

4. Record Your Why

Why do you want this? Framing future vision with your personal “WHY” will lead to your fulfillment. Fulfillment is living out your values and what is important to you. Please ask me for your personal values test if you want to explore this topic. We all are walking around with our own WHY. Putting words and voice to your why can help sharpen the focus of your vision and purpose. It can also enhance your celebration of achievement. Success is grounded when we know why we want it. Finally, it can remind you of what is most important to frame your future goals.

5. See it daily

Post your results in an area to review daily. I believe that reviewing my vision before bed allows my brain to be working and visioning while I sleep. Having the review practice allows for ideas to come up as well as recognizing opportunities for next steps as they occur. I don’t forget what I am aiming for. I can acknowledge when I am taking a break from striving and feel comfort knowing that I’m resting in a direction. The clarity helps my yes’s and no’s. I am more aware that a yes in a different direction is a choice of time and resources. Not a loaded must or should but rather a choice. When I review my north star daily, I re-set the course of my life in little attainable ways.

"The Future Depends on what you do today." -- Mahatma Gandhi

6. Be playful

Don’t forget to see the future in your mind’s eye and feel the success you imagine in your body. If you wish to write a book, imagine how you feel 5 minutes after you hold the finish product in your hand for the first time. If you want to show up in your life with more joy, imagine gladness in your day and what that feels like. Imagination is a powerful tool because we can practice feeling success, romance, and satisfaction which makes it recognizable when it happens. Celebrate today in your imagination the success you are aiming toward.



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