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Summer Begins! What are you Planning?

The choices you make today make up what you look back on in 30 years.

It is common to assess and re-assess how things are going in day-to-day living. We forget things change and summer solstice is a great reminder to ask, “Am I making choices today to get what I really want in the future?”

“May the light illuminate your hearts and shine in your life every day of the year. May everlasting peace be yours and upon our Earth.” ― Eileen Anglin

So just like a splash of cold water from a lake, we can jolt our awareness to identify what is working and what is not. Be sure to take some time this summer to ponder what is working well. What are the ingredients that enhance life? What isn’t optimal? What change can produce a different result? What do I need to make that change?

Short and sweet, like a Wisconsin summer, “You get to decide.”

Need some help? Book a session. I want to know, “What does your 80-year-old self really hope you choose?”



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