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Living in Alignment and Purpose

Like traveling in the fog, sometimes it is hard to see the whole picture or the result of a situation. What difference do I make in this life? How is my behavior influencing my reality? What appreciation do I hold for what I am grateful for? These are big questions. They are essential questions that attempt to make sense and meaning of the whole while processing life in many parts. In this same way, we can build up the life we aspire to in little parts to create a whole. This fosters awareness of the little moments which progress toward the bigger picture. The following two examples are ways to illustrate living in alignment and purpose.

This week, I was walking in the flocked mist that turned the landscape to fog. Trees and monuments rose up while the rest of view was shrouded in hoarfrost. I was on my regular route as I reflected on the similarity to life. I could not recognize beyond a few steps from where I was, yet I knew the route would bring me back home. Physical surroundings can offer meaning that illustrate an idea. This morning I was being offered a limited view that focused on individual components that made up a beautiful landscape.

“When you know that everything matters—that every move counts as much as any other—you will begin living a life of permanent purpose.” ― Andy Andrews

Like our lives, we make choices all the time. Illuminating choice, I can choose to live in sync or out of sync with my values. My thoughts, words, and actions are consistently building the whole picture while I can only see this moment I am in. Small choices are either building toward the future I am trying to create or sabotaging it. These bits add up, from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day. The choosing of life and lifestyle are all created out of the moment we are in. If I want my days to feel more peaceful, it starts by having peace as a goal in the moment. If I want to take steps to be healthier, I make healthy lifestyle choices in the moment. If I want to improve a relationship, my thoughts, words, and actions align to the goal of growth in the relationship.

Using this landscape, I could not see the whole of the area shrouded in mist. I could see dark trunks, stone markers, fence rails. Pulling back and reflecting on the whole of life, I may not see but a fraction of the scene my decisions make but I can be certain of the progression when I make the choices that are in line with where I am trying to go. My consumption of reading, watching, buying, eating, or free time are decisions that yield a result. If you want a new result, change an ingredient that builds what you want.

In my second example my friend Chodonla said, “When you make a bean burrito, you have a tortilla, beans and cheese. You will always get a bean burrito when you pick those ingredients. If you want a different result, change one of the ingredients.” This simple lesson is truth. If I want to be more positive, what ingredient do I need to change in my thoughts, words, or actions? My ingredients to make up a more positive day might be to change my thoughts to create an uplifting headspace. What action can I take to do that? 10 minutes of reading in the morning? A Ted talk a day? Refrain from speaking negatively? Focus on an act of kindness for another? Small changes can yield mighty results.

If our lives are a bean burrito, and our thoughts, words and actions make up the ingredients, what ingredient do you want to focus on? How do you want to choose moment by moment to align with your values? Need help sorting this out? Book a session to dig in. Working with a coach that really listens to what you want can help you create more moments living in alignment. Regular coaching sessions offer accountability to keep focus and effort at what you aim for. To see the landscape of your life and alter course to get to where you are trying to go, book a free sample coaching session today.



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