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Dragons Live On The Edges Of The Map

Just as ludicrous as this now seems, there are times we forget and allow doubt and fear to paint the landscape of our life. Like the time of the first explorers, there are old beliefs that can surge up as we try something new. It’s not possible to be successful…This isn’t going to work… I’ll never make enough, be enough, know enough. The world is flat. There be dragons in these waters. Gremlins live here. This is not your success, your joy or your stability. These beliefs are doubt, fear, and whispers of mistakes. The human mind conjures up these veils to keep us safe and small.

Thankfully, we can remember that this is: Wrong. False. Disproven. How do we remember this?

  • Scan your mind, body, and heart.

  • What is the story around your tall ship?

  • What do you see out of your spyglass?

  • What do you need to progress on your voyage?

  • Pack the ship

To stay engaged and prepared for the moment, it is essential to keep all systems running. What is nourishing to you? Where is there growth? How can you celebrate how far you have come today? Are there preparations that need to be logged? It’s your ship. What food will keep your body running top notch? What knowledge do you need? Are there sails to repair or nets to make ready? You are the captain, first mate and crew. Tend well to your journey.

Set the course and adjust the sails.

Reorienting to your goal keeps the systems of your life moving in the desired direction. Winds gust and die. In times of gust, you make great strides and travel swift knots. Steering in the right direction and staying the course toward your goal is crucial to make headway. It is also important to let some sails out and rest if you are fatigued. And if the winds die all together, the doldrums are a great moment to take stock, repair parts, and rest before the return to steady winds. Are there barriers between you and the wind?

The dragons are your own making.

It is amazing what we conjure up when we are feeling small, helpless and frightened. Doubt is an amazing conjurer of dragons in our waters. How does doubt show up in your mind? What dragons do you place in your water? It can be dramatic and exciting to battle dragons all day. But it also distracts and keeps us from an easier route getting to our desires and goals. “There be dragons here” only when we make them. Now, back to the real work. Put the dragon down and orient to your North Star. Your success is waiting.



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