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My Mind Likes to Argue

If you looked into my thoughts as I was going to the pool this morning, you would think I was planning on sitting on the couch and sip coffee until 11am. My mind was in cozy slippers and pajamas as I poured coffee, spilled a little and sat crisscross applesauce on the couch. From 5 to 6:22am, my mind was letting me know it had no intention of swimming.

That’s OK. I don’t take my mind too seriously. The morning is a time where my body and clock move me into new positions. When the clock says 5:30am, I meditate. My mind likes to argue and toss monkeys at me while I sit on the couch and follow my breath. I breathe. I return to the breath. The mind waits.

When the clock says 6, I let the dog out. My mind tells me it is cold, slippery, and winter. It cajoles me to avoid the weather. My body and clock tell me to get Aldo outside for his wellbeing. I get my suit and shoes on at 6:12 and start the car at 6:20 to drive to the pool. The mind is poking me that the water will be cold, the floor is slippery, and for goodness sake, you can stay home!!! I am in the pool when the timer on the wall says 14.23. My mind was right… it is cold wet and slippery for about 32 seconds. The first lap is the fastest as the chill wears off. I swim until I see it say 44.23.

Behind this self-marked by time, is a person who is trying to live in line with the person I want to be 5 years from now. She’s full of energy, fit, has toned arms and abs. When she walks into the room, it lights up because she feels great in body and spirit.

Who is the self you want to be carrying around in 5 years?

What is that person behaving like? Vacationing at? Deciding?

Who surrounds you in friendship, support, and joy?

You are worth great choices! Give me a call if you need help deciding.



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