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Run with Stick, Don’t Fall

My friend’s daughter, Morgan, tried out for the 7th grade track team. The pole-vaulting event was open so she decided to try out. They handed her the pole, told her to run, plant it on the X, and do a little jump.

“So, you just had to run with the stick and not fall?” my friend asked.

“Pretty much” her daughter responded.

That’s the beginning. Beginnings can be simple and clear. Run with stick…Don’t fall. The outcome is not guaranteed.

Is there something new you want to try? Is there a part of you that is scared of failing/falling?

We all find ourselves with a stick in hand, shoes on, ready to plant. Getting up the nerve to run is our belief that no matter what…We’ll get up again. Are you looking for that level of courage to do hard things? Courage can come from many places:

  • A belief that you can no matter what or no matter who is watching

  • A playlist of power music

  • A pep talk outlining what you gain from trying

  • A friend to do it with you

  • Defining success as the task tried rather than the task perfected

  • To run with stick and not fall

How inviting and open ended…Run with stick, don’t fall. It’s a metaphor for just about anything not yet dared. News flash: Morgan got SECOND PLACE last night in the track meet!!! She vaulted over a 6-foot pole without touching the cross bar! I give up a whoop and a holler to Morgan today for her willingness to try, run, give a mighty jump and land at the beginning of her track journey! It’s only up from here!

Whoop and Holler to you!!!!


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