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Another Month?! Help Me Out of this Mess… I mean Mindset!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I attended a great workshop by Anne Barry Jolles, founder of a mile-long Grace Trail in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Her vision for the trail is to inspire hope, resiliency, and grace. By asking powerful questions, participants dare to lead with their gift of authenticity. Anne gave me permission to share her work so that we can embark on a visual meditation. Let us do the mile together right here and see what you discover! I invite you to grab a journal and 5 minutes and see what you discover!


What are you grateful for? What is going right? First thing upon rising, think of something you are grateful for. Feeling frustrated? Pull out gratitude. Down in the dumps? You guessed it, try gratitude. The science behind why this works is that the brain utilizes complex areas involving connection and empathy. Gratitude is a great place to start with sincerity and regularity. Anne asks, “I want my life to be more about what is going right rather than what is going wrong…What new story do I want to begin? What old story do I need to stop telling myself? What is the first step I can make in this new chapter?"


What do I need to release? What is out of my control? What is in my control? (Here is where to focus all effort) It is challenging to put down something that has been carried for a long time. Imagine setting down the weight and not picking it back up again. What could living in that lightness allow? Or a stinging word that was said that seems to play over and over in the mind. A cool salve of release can invite what refreshing idea? To meet the moments where what was wanted was withheld or worse, an option is to set it down and stop carrying it. Notice the lightness. This makes room for what you desire. There is a cool breeze that leads to…


What is calling out for acceptance? If I cannot accept, then what can I acknowledge? Putting down what needed to be released and walking the path of acceptance, I find hope. Hanging on to what isn’t limits my creativity and potential. Acceptance returns me to the present moment. This step in the journey allows for things to be the way they are. Like the coolness of a rock, I accept what is. Return here as often as you need. Moving on to personal choices…


How do I need to challenge myself or another? One small step I can take toward that is… One big step I can take toward that is… Moving out of old narratives, choice brings the best self into the conversation. What I choose to act upon are the visible results of my imagination and hope. This movement of challenge makes me step closer and lean in. I have this opportunity. I can make a plan. I choose THIS. What does the word challenge invoke in you? Courage? Commitment? What do you discover on this stop of the Grace Trail? Final stop on the unending loop…

“Hang your hope on the horizon and walk toward it every day.” — Anne Barry Jolles


What can I embrace as possible? How do I move in the direction of hope and possibility in my life? Anne Barry Jolles said, “Hang your hope on the horizon and walk toward it every day.” Embracing what is possible is expansive, energizing and enlightening.

Walking this Grace Trail shakes off limiting beliefs and ? mindsets. The beauty of this meditation is that you can start anywhere on the path and ask the powerful questions to live with energy and freedom.



You can find more information about the Grace Trail on Anne Barry Jolles' website

Grace Trail concept used with permission

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