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Recipe for Fantastic!

Fat Tuesday, Super Tuesday… Why not a Fantastic Tuesday? What would it feel like to wake up to the fantastic within you?

Recipe for Fantastic

Imagine mixing in a little fantastic in the recipe of ordinary. What does your mix look like? There are ordinary moments in the gift of this extraordinary life. And then there are connected, whole, resonant moments that feel fantastic. A challenge met in a physical workout, lunch with a friend that has lots of laughter, creating something you are passionate about are all examples of feeling great. I wonder on this Friday after #fattuesday and before #supertuesday, what a personal fantastic recipe would be for the mythical Fantastic Tuesday. I’m sharing 3 Recipes for Fantastic. Cook them up and see which resonates with you!

Recipe #1 Quiche of Life

If you look at this Quiche of Life, the more fulfilled you feel in each area, the fuller the piece of pie looks. It’s nice to take a peek every now and then to assess how your personal mix looks. Everyone has these elements in life. How we find balance and fulfillment in each area creates overall satisfaction. More pie, more fantastic.

Some questions that support this evaluation are:

  • What could I mix into a diminished area to create #vibrancy?

  • What are obstacles keeping me from fulfillment in this area?

  • How can I align with what brings me joy? What actions are needed?

  • What changes am I ready to make?

Recipe #2 Blessing Soup

What are the foundations you need to maintain in your life for #vibrancy? Are there routines that best serve your well-being? Ease, blessings, gratitude, hope, joy are all examples of feelings when living in alignment. So, making blessing soup is creating a foundation of alignment that is right for you. The top ones I hear are daily meditation, exercise, noticing gratitude, keeping the mind in the present, and sprinkling regular joy into your calendar. Common obstacles to vibrancy are irregular sleep patterns, toxins, lack of self-care, and isolation.

Recipe #3 Laughter drizzled Togetherness

Support is essential to #wellbeing. It has been proven in multiple studies how humans need humans. This is a staple. Like salt or a food group, how well do we honor our need for friendship and support? Turning it up a notch, how often do we laugh? Infuse life with laughter. The health benefits of one minute of laughter is equal to a 10-minute vigorous work out. Increased T cells, lowered blood pressure, reduction in stress hormones, a release of endorphins produce a greater feeling of overall wellness. We need to laugh. We need to ask for support. Is there something you can ask for today to better support your well-being? Is there someone who can accomplish a task important to you but is difficult to complete on your own? How could progress look with support?

“The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.” — Leo Buscaglia

What’s your Recipe?

What would a fantastic day be like for you? How well does your schedule accommodate joy?

Waking early helps me to set the tone of the day and what I wish to focus on. Meditation is always the beginning platform to launch. As I clarify my #focus, I find more #peace and dedication to what I am working on. What works well for you? What are your obstacles to keeping focus? For me, there are times my focus is like a 3 year old and a box of sugar cookies. Obstacles can be clutter, poor diet, diminished movement, or limiting beliefs.

Remember your strengths. Be a genius at what you are good at. Ask for support in areas where you need someone else’s genius.



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