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Sacred Wound

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

This is the nature of being born here, like this.

And in every life there is a choice—

to wrap ourselves around that wound,

protective of its shape, its cadence, its nuance

to build our life around that story—

or to extend through the fire of pain

to some other horizon.

The seed knows this: how to arise

from the dark tight curl of itself—

to bloom from the dark. As does the butterfly,

as it emerges from the chaos

of its own dissolution into winged delight.

It is the impossible miracle

of the luminous heart that brings us

to the hearth of our own awakening

that risks stepping forward to broach

illusory walls, that opens against all odds

seeing that we have nothing to lose

but our own false protection,

our own holding back.

In every being there is a wound~

a fissure where sacred longing is born

so our gifts can be revealed,

so our gifts can be given.

©Laura Weaver

Used with poet’s permission and blessings. You can find more about her and her sacred work on her website:

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