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20 Questions to help prepare for the holidays

The holiday season has started. Here are twenty questions to prep your attitude and heart:

  1. How do you want to feel the day after the season has ended?

  2. Using imagination, what went well that you wish to cherish?

  3. What makes this season special to you?

  4. How does special feel?

  5. How can you remember to hold that special feeling during this time?

  6. What special traditions do you want to uphold?

  7. What coping strategies have worked in holidays past?

  8. What support can you ask for this season?

  9. Is there a “NO” ready for a particular thing?

  10. How do you want your “Yes” to look?

  11. Is there a way to simplify over the next 3 weeks?

  12. What song helps you to return to center during the holidays?

  13. What taste means “Home for the Holidays”?

  14. Is there a smell that can capture the holidays to help hold ground?

  15. What part of yourself do you want to grow this season?

  16. What light can you emulate in the darkest time of the year?

  17. Is there someone you would like to re-connect with?

  18. What is something new that would nurture you at this time?

  19. How do you want to hold enough?

  20. What word do you want to be your mantra for this season?

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