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Beating Covid19 Quarantine: Mind and Body Hacks

The body believes what it says. Shoulders slumped, head down, crossing arms and legs to minimize self all trigger hormonal responses that might be working against how you want to feel. These body postures produce a low energy, rise in cortisol, and a lowering in testosterone. This means higher stress, less clarity, and a more depressed feeling. #AmyCuddy explains her research findings in this TED talk:

Use Your Body for Good

Dr. Cuddy discovered the opposite findings of hormonal response if a body spends two minutes in a power pose. You can positively transform your thoughts and feelings by raising your testosterone and lowering your cortisol with body posture. These hormonal shifts can calm the body, give a feeling of confidence, and allow the brain to focus. Standing straight with your hands on your hips, looking straight ahead (like Wonder-woman) is a power pose that produces the hormonal effect of clarity. Another is to lean back in a chair with your feet up and your hands cradling your head, this too can produce clarity, a feeling of well-being, and focus. Want to increase the energy too? Hold the victory pose with the hands over the head, chin slightly lifted up, and smile. Each pose held for two minutes can re-craft your day. One simple pose produces instant results managed by your own hormonal system. Use your body to work with you to stay above the stress and uncertainty #COVID19 has brought.

Coach Challenge: Crank up the tunes and dance all out for 1 minute. What motivation does this inspire in you? I danced, “Eye of the Tiger” and I can do it!

Mental Wording: Speak the Change You Wish to See

What you think is what you become. Be very careful what you say to yourself. Our words are the road map to where we want to go. We believe our thoughts and create the world with the language that we use.

“Roll the tape backwards and put on a Mickey Mouse voice to the person talking.” — Tony Robbins

Replaying old thoughts of defeat or conflict, give us a defeated and conflicted feeling. #TonyRobbins suggests re-programing such a moment by making it ridiculous and unbelievable. “Roll the tape backwards and put on a Mickey Mouse voice to the person talking.” Robbins explains this simple transformation of a negative memory allows some distance from the event. Creating distance provides more room to think enlivening and motivating thoughts instead. A simple example Robbins uses is remembering riding a roller coaster or observing the roller coaster from a distance. When we feel good about the event, live the roller coaster. When an interaction zaps energy, create a little distance as an observer and allow yourself more mental space. With that distance, speak yourself into a different frame of mind.

Coach Challenge: Be curious! How can you believe yourself into how you wish to feel? I believe myself capable, competent, and whole!

Focus: Step Into the Experience

Stepping more fully into living the moment means to better focus on what is happening. Instead of viewing the moment from the outside observer, take a step into the interaction to be a part of it more fully. It’s the difference between feeling and experiencing the moment vs. looking at the moment. Some ways to do this are to appreciate an aspect: Notice beauty, color, or kindness that is present. Other ways are to be curious. What does the speaker want you to understand? What does the speaker value? Where could joy be found in this moment? Taking a step closer into a moment allows for greater focus. Mental, physical, or emotional fatigue can be diminished by using focus.

Coach Challenge: Use your breath and focus to REALLY experience something today. With curiosity, appreciate what is happening with awareness. Feel anything differently?

I am surprised by a feeling of joy while interacting with those around me. It’s a bouquet on a spring day.



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