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Champion (part 1 of 2)

Champion: verb (used with object) to act as champion of; defend; support.



This week YOU are the object of Championing

Starting with home base, how foreign is the concept of championing yourself? Championing means extending a level of support and defense for all your doings and beings. Championing is different than self-praise. Yet, Western culture is pretty averse to self-praise and pegs it as thinking too much of self or getting a big head. Counter that for a moment with the thought of allowing a big heart for yourself to emerge. Structural stability in life always begins under our own skin. Why not begin with Championing thoughts, words, and actions for our own #wellbeing? According to the definition, this would look like defending and supporting your well-being and growth.

What image comes up for you when you think about being your own champion? What needs defending? Your time? Your well-being? Your internal stability? Your environment? How can you give yourself better support?

Internal dialog leads to external results

When taking the idea of championing seriously, it starts within. If thinking about our powerful words being drawn up out of a well, our thoughts are like refreshing sips of pure water. What do we regularly draw up? The habitual thought patterns create the quality of water in the well.

Do the words nourishing, energizing, supportive describe the thoughts you draw upon?

It is not possible to defend and support our internal stability without holding a #mindful #awareness around what we tell ourselves. Taking an honest look at our personal habits, what are the one-liners that sabotage our well-being? “I’ll look selfish if I don’t do what was asked.” “I’ve had failings in this situation before and I’ll fail again.” or “Maybe I’m not good enough to do this.” Guilt, shame, lesser than, and not good enough are all attacks on an inner well from which we draw creativity, energy, and progress from. What would a fortification from these depleting dialogs look like? Wayne Dyer said it perfectly, “Change your thoughts, change your life.”

In this metaphor, your well supports you when you draw upon constructive and supportive thoughts. A good well has some kind of hut built around it to keep unwanted things out. Leaves, dirt, external fouling of the water. This is a fortification of the well to keep it safe, enduring, and viable. Valuing the well of possibility within self is a type of fortification. I have #goodness to bring into the world. I am making a difference here. I believe it’s possible. This dialog is like an inviting and refreshing well. Drawing up support out of this well is a choice of defending its worth.

Well management:

  1. No poisoning the well with self-sabotage

  2. Draw good and refreshing thoughts regularly

  3. Don’t allow toxic experiences to poison the well

  4. Defend your well with the practices that keep self safe, enduring, and viable

What do you want to do this week to grow your internal WELLbeing? What support can enable this to happen with ease?



Next week: OTHER is the object of Championing (partner, friend, family)

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