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Comfort Zone: We’re all shoved out of ours

“Everyone has the ability to increase resilience to stress. It requires hard work and dedication, but over time, you can equip yourself to handle whatever life throws your way without adverse effects to your health. Training your brain to manage stress won't just affect the quality of your life, but perhaps even the length of it.” — Amy Morin

Imagine a circle. In the center of that circle is a dot. That’s the center of our comfort zone. In this zone, we have a lot of knowledge, experience, and expertise. We know this space and we’re comfortable in the zone. Covid-19 has changed all of our zones because we have not ever been here. We are all living in remarkable change and our humankind is outside of what is known or comfortable. We’ve been pushed out of the circle into the unknown.

Here are some real and true methods to help feel grounded and maintain health with the stress of change.

Let’s start in the Zone

What do you do already to feel capable, competent and whole? Some human universals of good self-care are abundant sleep, good nutrition, and a plan for the day. If you take a moment to assess those three basic things, how do you score? Good self-care starts with meeting the most basic needs in a thriving capacity. What would turning up the dial of physical well-being?

We’re all still here. Inside. Our home. Let’s start in the zone. What zone? We’ve never done this! Right… Roles can be confusing in all of this change. Sometimes a natural reaction is to “take it all on” or “hide from the world”. Operating out of a reaction centered response is exhausting. Meeting the moment of change can include talking about who is doing what in this new paradigm. Imagine it’s “all done” and the world is healed. How do you hope to have shown up? What would please you that you did? This can be the jumping off point to create new ideas and choices. Deciding on a daily plan, defining roles, and discussing hopes/expectations can help move the whole family back to a place that within the comfort zone. Getting on the same page can help everyone move with ease through the day.

It’s OK to begin again. A beginning is a known part of the comfort zone. First day of school. First time we learned a job. We haven’t done this pandemic before. Mistakes are part of our human learning process. Normalizing mistakes is living with relief of not having to be perfect. An enormous act of self-compassion is allowing ourselves to not get it right the first time. What mindset do you want to have today? Keep asking this question and return again and again to the beginning.

Coaching moves individuals and couples back into the comfort zone by tackling the unknown-learning-outside of the circle space with a guide. We need to grow in this time to be able to meet the challenge of our times. Coaching can inspire ideas by realizing what is going on in our lives. With new awareness, we outline the steps to transform and move forward with action and accountability. Coaching makes the growth outside of our comfort zone, comfortable and safe.

Curious? Give me a call today to learn more.




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