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Staying curious is an art that can widen your emotional range in a safe way.

Want more joy? Less anger? Deeper connection?

Let's start with curiosity!

Look for every opportunity for JOY in the next 14 days.

Sometimes my week can turn flat or my energy takes a hike in southward direction and my ambition needs a tune up in vibrancy. This is exactly a time to get curious and look around. Mmmmm...lots of changes are happening. What am I excited about in these changes? What's possible? That curiosity can transform a resistance I feel into a plan to look for the joy I am seeking in this change. What's my action? Look for every opportunity for JOY in the next 14 days.

Less anger...Curiosity about anger can turn it on it's ear so to speak. First, keep sniffing out irritation to keep it weeded out of responses. Every time a phone rings, I scan to see what I'm feeling in my body. If there is an holding or tension, it's a chance for me to let it go and begin again. Curiosity with anger can also look like, "What is important to me in this moment?" "Am I protecting something that I hold dear?" I want to honor what I there a more loving way to do this?

Deeper Connection? Be curious about who you seek to connect with. Here are some powerful questions to widen your range of connection:

  • How do you feel about that happening?

  • What will you need to set you up for success?

  • What are you noticing?

  • What would making it easy look like?

May the openness of these questions breathe some renewed curiosity to your week!

Sincerely curious,


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