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I was cleaning out my daughter’s bedroom to convert it to guest/office space. Even typing this sentence is mixed. I am happy for her adulting and struck by the changes that process brings. Under a stack, I found a Madison Magazine September 2019 edition entitled, “The Evolutionaries…” What image comes up for you when you think about your personal evolutions that have happened up until this moment? How am I evolving right now?

Personal Reflection to Inspire Your Evolutionaries within:

  • How am I holding space for my growth?

  • What is changing into something new?

  • What is being left behind?

  • Where do I want to be brave?

  • How do I want to befriend evolutions within?

  • How can I hold space in my community for evolving?

  • Where do I want to participate in evolutions?

“The important thing to remember is to allow yourself to feel whatever feelings arise. The key is to be aware of the feelings as they arise – and to transform and expand them, so that they lead to expansion instead of contraction… Expand your love, so it’s not so laser-focused; fill yourself up with that love + adoration – expand it to everyone you see – fill their bodies up with that love, adoration + warmth.

Anyone you come in contact with, visualize filling them up with this love. This love has no limitations, and is not dependent on getting attention or anything in return. It’s boundless, free and can spread across space in waves and benefit everyone in your presence.”

Katie Hess

This week, I’m giving myself permission to observe and move slowly. May you feel that same permission. Light a candle for your inner landscape and a smile for your outer.



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