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Happy Mental Care Season to You!

At the start of the holiday season, I wish you the very best that works for you! May you have an abundance of peace this long weekend.

My top ten wishes for you are…

  1. Movement: please enjoy body movement that works for you!

  2. Water: Hydrate and pick healthy nourishment.

  3. Sleep: Do have a date with your bedtime!

  4. Joy: Pick an activity that relaxes you or brings you joy.

  5. Future Steps: Pick 3 actions that will move you closer to a goal.

  6. May your future be bright: Remind yourself to focus on what’s working and celebrate!

  7. Love: Reach out to loved ones and be open to connection.

  8. Decide: Keep calm and decide. Give your amygdala a break from reaction fight/flight.

  9. Look Up: Take a moment to look up at the sky and drop your shoulders. Mini vacation!

  10. Gratitude: Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful that you are in my life!



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