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  • Laura Roeven

How to live a Human Lifetime under any Circumstances

A reflection of Joseph Campbell’s Work on Mythology and Meaning

I think part of our human make up is seeking meaning, significance, and moments to touch the divine. The elements of meaning, significance and divine vary among each of us. Finding purpose and meaning is beautiful work.

What is it all about? 3 things (and probably a million more):

1. Making Meaning of Our Own Lives

Coaching unlocks a snapshot in time, this current life. When meaning is made from the happenings of life, there can be peace and a sense of worth in both the joy and the turmoil. When we process our lives singularly or with a confidant who does not know how to listen, it can be a frustrating and empty process. Meaning comes when we dig into how events connect and touch each other. Some questions that evoke meaning are: What patterns do you notice about this situation? What would you like to do differently now that you understand more about yourself? Meaning helps to make better choices. Out of better choices, our actions and words become inspiring when they are used to support our values and service to others.

2. Loving It All

It’s hard to love it all. Life has duality of good and bad. I want/I don’t want. Pride and Shame. Trustworthy/Corrupt. Happiness/Guilt. Joseph Campbell challenges the reader to imagine the middle ground. It is. It is witnessing and being a loving presence in all of it that fosters change and possibility. We can be a guide of love while we witness the rainbow of actions and outcomes of others in our lives. What values do we want to live out as we encounter unpleasant happenings? Need help with this? Book a coaching session to make your game plan. Campbell urges courage to stay in the game. Be a part of your life. Experience it here and now. Wonder! Participate!

“Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead Walk beside me… just be my friend”― Albert Camus

3. Embracing the moments as they happen

I think Camus was talking of time. Don’t live ahead or behind. Just live right now. Another coaching truth is that when we live in the moment while it is happening, we have the tools we need to meet it. We have our mistakes (past) and we have our hopes (future), but if we focus our attention on the here and now, we live in our power. Our past and our future are topics to resolve and plan for. Coaching touches those topics powerfully to challenge you to put down what is done and act on what you are going toward. Accountability is a great benefit to coaching to make progress and achieve a milestone. Completion is easier with a team. And as a team, we celebrate and fully feel the completion of what has been accomplished. Job well done. We did it. Don’t dash off the moment and miss this success! Embrace it fully!

The Answers are Not…

What I am noticing over time is what the answers are not… It’s not about money. Once enough basic income has been reached, money is not the answer. It’s not about fame. A desire might be to write, make art, or music yet fame is not going to touch what makes our humanity worth being alive. It IS about figuring out my own human life while I live it. Coaching is a wonderful way to do this. More work can be done in a coaching session than individually because both of us are finding the answers authentic to you. What is most troubling you? If you could live freely amongst this burden, how would you feel? When seeking, a coach can offer just the right questions unlock your authentic to YOU. Are you seeking meaning and purpose? Book your session today and let’s unlock that together.



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