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How wildly precious to be able to choose

Today Robert and I thanked the land for the last time as we pass it along to its next caregiver. What a precious experience to have embraced the last 5 years wholeheartedly. Awakening continues.


Awaken to Choice

Is it time to choose again? The ingredients of our precious life can add up to a deliciousness. When describing a great day, the Dutch say, “To be delicious in my own skin.” Are you picking the right ingredients for a fulfilling day? Moving body, aware of heart, curious in mind are all elements that can add satisfaction. What are your top three delicious ingredients? Can you pen in something that brings you joy today?


Awaken to Change

The framework of our day revolves around change. Dawn transfers to morning which transfers to afternoon which gives way to evening and finally dusk…and night. When we remember that change is the stage upon which life plays out, we can move with the rhythm more easily. Resistance of change reminds me of my dog who stops occasionally on the leash. Total halt and digs in, full stop.

We do this too. Can you name one resistance you push against?

  • What is the cost of halting?

  • What does willingness to change look like?

  • What do you find when befriending change?


Awaken to Movement

It sometimes helps to physically brush your arms, trunk, and legs off to free yourself from old habits that resist change. Wipe off the old to make way for seeing the possible changes in your present. I like standing up from desk work periodically to swing my arms back and forth over my body like the Japanese instrument, the den-den. After the movement, fresh airflow and circulation, notice more expansive thinking and creativity.

Now, Begin Again!



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