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It Starts With A Wish

This reflection is for all who are in a relationship that feels stuck and lonely. In the darkest time of the year, we illuminate our homes with evergreens and candles to remind us of life. After winter, life does return again. Dormancy awakens with spring. May this reflection be a flicker of hope and a reminder that nothing stays the same. Dormant love can be rekindled and grow into something new and stronger. Coaching assists with offering tools and support while finding an authentic way for you both.

“People in distress behave in a stressful way. They aren't all sweetness and light. They don't behave well when they are unhappy.” — Penelope Wilton

Come sit down beside me and let me gaze into your eyes. You are just here, and I am just here. I wish for you well-being. I wish for you to be loved. I wish for you ease and abundance. I wish for you all that you require to be whole in this moment. I don’t wish for you to change at all but rather to know that I see you and love you.

I have pushed you away and things you did and said were not easy. They were not sweetness and light.

I want to be right. I would love to point out how you are wrong. Again. How you are wrong. And you hurt me. But that is not the path to finding you again. And deep down, I want us to find each other.

The first step is to restore my own well-being. What would it be like to revitalize and discover what brings me joy? It takes time to nourish and revive the stability of my life force. To take a breath and allow myself to simply be. I can imagine letting go of what does not serve me and allow a new awareness around my thoughts.

What do you see? Would you like to start a new path together? Coaching teaches both of us new tools and a different way to talk about the heart of what is important to us. I heard of a place of wishing love. It’s where you wish the absolute best for the other person. I want to start there. I wish for our marriage to be better, stronger, and able to grow again.

I would like to start by understanding you. Understanding you means being curious about what you are working toward, your desires, and how you see the world. It is also understanding what hurts right now and what troubles you. It is only when I understand you and have deeply listened that I can begin to hear how I can support you.

And I wish for you to understand me. To be deeply curious about what I envision for our future, what I hope for, and how I see how we are here. I want to be supported by you and be able to tell you what feels supportive and kind.

I want us to choose kindness again.

When love returns, joy and happiness are possible. I want to find happiness within myself. I imagine joy growing again. I know love is possible, but it feels like the softest brush of a feather right now. I need help to bring this into being. Will you try coaching with me? We have a place to grow from. It is possible. It starts with a wish. I wish for freedom, positive, enlightened joy that we rediscover together.

I wish for us to find a new way to love each other.

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