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Murmurations: The Mysterious Dance of the Common Starling

[Source: Flickr Creative Commons © ad551]

I was lucky enough to catch several flocks of starlings murmurate above a cornfield in Illinois recently. Filled with awe, I watched the countless birds swoop, dive and dance in union at phenomenal speeds. They illustrated a wonderful way to describe The Seer.

The Seer:

  • Keenly observes body language

  • Mirrors back what is said for the intent of deeply understanding the other

  • Holds appreciation for being able to be a part of this moment no matter what

  • Finds awe and miracle in the moment

The Seer: To Appreciate the Dance, to see Joy

As I watched the group of starlings, I was keenly aware that I was “the Seer” of this majestic event. I felt so small watching the outline shift and morph into shapes. The flock swooped into patterns which appeared and changed over and over as the dance continued in the sky. I was lucky to see this happening. Something so wildly beautiful and unfathomably controlled. I simply saw with awe.

What does it mean to observe as The Seer? It’s seeing with appreciation, all that is there in the moment. Every now and then, I simply watch an event happening in my day. Like watching the starlings, I observe what is. Family dinner, a phone conversation with a loved one, or a celebration are easy examples to describe being a Seer. I love to lean back and watch for all the beauty the moment holds. The observation is one of total drinking in the majesty of the moment. Total investment into the gift of what I am able to witness and be a part of. Just as the flock kept changing shapes that I could not predict, watching as a Seer brings delight in this very minute without predicting happens next.

At a family dinner, it might mean a deep appreciation of everyone’s facial expressions while a story is told. I am not listening to respond or add. I welcome the moment that is happening. Similarly, a phone conversation using The Seer, means to listen so deeply that I can feel like I am with my loved one in the same room. Add to that, The Seer watches for what the teller offers as important in their lives to share with me. Celebrations are easy to appreciate as a Seer. These moments are like colorful starlings of love that I appreciate being a part of creating. A party brings in connection to fully feel and appreciate. This is what it means to be the Seer in moments that are easy and loving. Being the Seer means an extra awareness of the moment without the negotiation of thought. I can appreciate without the need to respond.

  • When have you felt awe with a loved one?

  • Is there a non-attached savoring quality that you remember?

  • How do you want to try using the Seer in times of joy?

I see you. I see the delight of the story as you tell it. I appreciate your telling and animation. An explosion of laughter swooped up like the starlings and settled down like confetti on us. This moment.

The Starling Thoughts tamed by the Seer

My thoughts can show up as a murmuration of starlings in my mind. Did I remember to do that task? Oh, there was that to attend and I forgot! Hurry, fast, swoop! If our thoughts are left to rule the day untethered, they can change, swoop, dive, and change into a new shape over and over. This and that. Bips and Bops. Do and Fritter. Now, go back to the Seer. Watching the thoughts, I do not become the dance in my mind’s eye. I watch the thoughts and transfer the power back to myself and my decision. If the Seer holds the framework to my day, I can observe what I am doing and the progress I am making. Or I can observe if I am operating out of habit thoughts and energy and make a new choice. Notice, name, return to the present, make a new choice.

At one point the starlings all descended on a tree and stopped. What makes me stop suddenly like that? Energy can be zapped by real or imagined things. If it is real fatigue, being out for hours in the cold wipes me out. Rest and renewal are in order. But, a negative habit thought is one that can stop me in my energetic tracks from taking the next step. Doubt and fear are twin energy zaps that cause my creative process to STOP. And relighting my mindset with a blazing NOW can lift my thoughts at once the same as all the starlings take off. I choose to work on this project to completion. Or I choose to remember why this is important to me. Or I decide to imagine a spark igniting in my mind to jolt a new creative thought using a Sage. I appreciate the beauty of my thoughts artfully dancing to showing up authentically in the moment, working to produce and work, and learning from all life holds.

When was the last time you appreciated your thoughts?

If thoughts are swooping and diving, can the Seer bring power back to the moment?

I see my thoughts. So many options. Why do you dive back to the past or swoop farther ahead than this moment? I appreciate the wonder of your ability and hold you with tenderness and care. Let us meet precious remembering.



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