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Spring Will Come

One way I remind myself that things are always changing is the movement of seasons and lunar phases. I can tell how fast time is flying when a full moon appears again. Sunrise to sunset, we have our beginnings and ends. Month to month, the moon waxes and wanes. Year to year, the seasons have their time of beginnings, middles, and ends. What is your experience with time right now? Is it flying or dragging?

My experience with winter in February is dragging on. We’re celebrating the halfway point from winter solstice to spring equinox this week! Days are growing longer in Wisconsin and dreams of planting seeds are just around the corner. What is one thing you are looking forward to? I will post all your answers in a word cloud next blog. It’s easy to think that winter will never end as the cold snap is dragging out and ice storms abound in the south. Have hope.

The truth is that Spring will come.

I celebrated that fact with friends at Yahara River Chocolate Shop for Groundhog’s Eve. We had laughter, chocolate tasting, and joy. The sampling of chocolate was bitter and sweet. So too are the seasons, phases in life, emotions, and experiences. Is there a friend you are wishing to connect with? Is it time to book a tea and catch up?

Having hope is a reminder of the future you want to create. I know that in 3 months, I’ll have several afternoons being barefoot in the grassy backyard. I have hope that new ideas and understandings will bless our world with better change. Where do you want to have hope? Having hope also means “this too shall pass”. It will change. Spring will come.

Bitter and sweet… Flying and dragging… It’s nice to take a break and celebrate. This week, celebrate the return of the sun, spring, green and life. 45 more days! We’re over halfway through winter! Have hope. Spring will come.

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