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Quit making out with a bad boyfriend!

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Worry, guilt, shame, feeling small are all thoughts akin to a bad boyfriend! The seduction and allure of what could go wrong or how someone perceived us can capture the thoughts and mental susurrations of our productive day. Like a dance of seduction, we can tango our thoughts and energy to a partner who is up to no good. Rose in teeth, we can take a step in the past drenched in regret. Or the dance can drive us ahead in the future filled with worry. These thoughts don’t want the best to emerge! Like a needy deadbeat boyfriend, they just want to occupy the valuable real-estate of our minds. There’s the magic…Remembering to break up!

“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.” – Vi Keeland, Bossman

The dance is a habit. Repetitive thoughts of gremlins happen. Stopping the dance is noticing when a bad boyfriend thought comes up. There is the choice. Do we continue to make out with the sexy worry of tomorrow or seductive regret of the past? We can if we want to. But we can also choose to break up with what is holding us back and think new. Think smart. Think next vibrancy.


Kick It to the Curb: 3 New Plans to Think Fresh

  • Draw a circle and fill in each piece of the pie with a refreshing idea or action. Start with the repetitive thought and then imagine what the opposite is. From there, get creative to decide what your success and well-being needs this week. Post it in a prominent location.

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  • What support can you ask for to take a step toward your growth? Who can you ask? What can you ask of them? Why is this important to you?

  • Schedule three actions that you can do this week to lead you to your success. Success is not a one and done, it’s a journey. Carve out three actions that build you up. Reach out to a mentor? Hire a trainer? Or Schedule a massage?


Mountain bike success

Be your own best friend this week as you choose how to talk to yourself, what you decide to do and how you want to show up!



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