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What is Mindfulness

There is confidence, power, and attention when I am fully present in the moment. This way of walking in the world offers peace and focus.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to bring the mind back and observe, respond, and hold awareness for what the present moment holds. It is a full awareness of just this moment and responding from inner wisdom rather than from an inner critic or negativity. When I can respond to the moment I am in, being fully aware of it, I can utilize my experience and wisdom to meet what is happening. There is confidence, power, and attention when I am fully present in the moment. This way of walking in the world offers peace and focus. When the self can observe what is happening in the present, mindfulness can suspend judgement and history by allowing what is to be the focus.

What Mindfulness is not

When we view what is happening through the lens of negative history or doom future casting, we are not in the present moment. The moment becomes clouded with a heaviness or irritation because we suspend being with what is to imagine what isn’t happening. An example of this moment can happen in any conversation when we switch from being fully in the moment to having a separate side dialog in our minds. “I need you to get this done.” “I’m really busy.” The moment your mind leaves and argues, “You said this the last time and I know you aren’t that busy…”, is the moment you stop being mindful in the present. If you were to write out the inner dialog that argues or judges the conversation as it is happening, you will see a vastly different internal experience from the true experience you are having.

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness is Being in the Present and Welcoming What Is

I have heard returning to the present moment described as, “Dropping back into the body”. Getting out of the fantasy that isn’t happening, we return to the moment. It is like waking up again in the moment to just allow self to see what is happening as an observer. In this manner we can access all the senses to be with what is. Moments of really experiencing what is happening around you are moments of mindfulness. Really seeing colors, deeply listening to sounds near and far, focusing smell and being curious, tasting a sip with full awareness, touching the chair we are sitting in and feeling the fabric are all ways to return to the moment. Chair. Here. Return. This includes listening to a person speaking with a mind that is curious and not knowing what will be said next. We stop filling in the blank of what we think will happen to just be with what is happening.

Our thoughts run this way and that, trying to make sense of the situation and judge what is coming to avoid what we do not want or run to what we do want. Mindfulness is a new option that accepts it all as it is. It is the moment of recognizing our discomfort and meeting it with honesty. It is experiencing a highlight with appreciation. Both are accepted and simply information with a curious mindful presence.

Acts of Mindfulness:

A small action of rubbing your thumb and finger together to feel the ridges. You can use this in combination of allowing your breath to become a little deeper and regular. • Notice the temperature of your breath in and out of your nose for 2 minutes. If it is hard to feel, just notice what your abdomen feels like with the rise and fall of your breath. • Brush your hand on your arm and only concentrate on the sensation of touch. Put your fingertips on your forehead and trace down your face while being curious of the feelings in your face and fingertips. • Feel the weight of your feet on the floor. Just sit and notice the feeling of your feet. • While standing, noticing the feeling in your toes. Wiggle them if you need to feel them better. • Notice sound near and far. • Look at something intently for 2 minutes.

Reach out if you have any questions. Are you curious what mindfulness can do for you, and you want to give it a try? Sign up for a free 10-Day Mindfulness Challenge. Text the word MINDFUL to (833) 589-0365 to sign up. Or book a free sample coaching session and find out more.



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