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What is your WHY?

My friend sent me a link to Simon Senik’s TedTalk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”:

“What’s your Why” is what it’s all about

I’ve been running with this thought for the last week and it’s transformational. My why? 7 generations. There was a quote that I read as a kid from the Iroquois Nation to urge us to make decisions based on the impact in 7 generations. What could my lasting impact be? Light bulbs, recycling, living smaller in my community…

Healing. I believe that the healing and wisdom found in life coaching can transfer from generation to generation. The insights and tools gained from life coaching will be found seven generations from today as seeds of compassion, confidence and a vibrancy. Using better tools, we will heal and transform relationships today and pass this knowledge on for better relationships in the future. Life coaching transforms habits and increases joy. New choices will change the world.

Your turn…What’s your Why?

I encourage you to take the Why Challenge.

  1. Come up with your why.

  2. Start your day with your why

  3. Talk about your why

  4. See what changes and report back in 3 weeks

Text or email me your “Why” and what changed by raising awareness around your “Why”. I will compile the submissions publish them with your permission (using your initials).



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