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You Can Do This

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

What do you tell yourself when you try something new or create change in your life? A friend was sharing as she beings a new job this week, “I just tell myself…I can do this!” Marvelous! Tell me more! “Well,” she said, “lots of people can do amazing things… So can I! What a bouquet to my ears.

My non-profit, Eyes of Hope, Stoughton Inc. is starting two brand new programs this year. Hearing my friend confirm, I can do this!, dispelled fears that crept up in me around these programs. I’m feeling the discomfort of growth as I am beginning something new.

Here’s some mental tips that I’m giving myself in this process:

  1. Remember when you did something similar successfully. I have created a program before. Girl2Girl started 15 years ago.

  2. What do I need? I ask this question a few times a day. The most common answer is communication and rest.

  3. Self-care. This project is requiring time and project management in a new way. Keeping my health routines in place is a must.

  4. I don’t have to do this perfectly. I will allow myself to make mistakes.

  5. Thank you, Becky, for reminding me that I can be amazing at this too!

  6. Attend a retreat!

Another way to keep being amazing is to take time with other amazing people. I want to offer an invitation to you to take a day to yourself to restore, learn and grow with an amazing tribe of women. October 8th will be like no other to spend with yourself on retreat at our second annual Joy and Resilience women’s retreat. Held at Holy Wisdom Monastery in Middleton, Wisconsin, you will feel a world away in the heart of natural beauty and cozy spaces. I hope you register to enjoy this day away designed lovingly for you by Nancy Kalsow, Katie Drescher and me. Please come and/or invite the women you love to attend.

In this video Nancy, Katie, and I go over the topics of our talks in the retreat. Would you invite one person today?



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