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You Get To Choose Again!

You get to choose again! What words would you choose to describe your goal for the next 5 minutes? The next hour? An upcoming meeting? The weekend? Walking the walk made me notice something about orienting around a goal. This magic opens up more energy and possibility. You can pick it up at any time and refocused to any direction you need.

Here are some dynamic examples for an easier week:


  • Step one: Pick the time frame

  • Step two: Pick the Mindset

  • Step three: Ask for support

  • Step four: Gratitude

XOXO Wrap it up in gratitude

Example: Meeting for advertising development.

  • Time frame: 1 hour

  • Mindset: What is my goal in this interaction? My goal was meeting this person for the first time with Ease and Authenticity. That’s the mindset. How do I want them to feel at the end of our time together? Better than before we met. Using these two questions, I felt very free to be myself without stress. Using the word “ease” relaxed my shoulders, lungs and back. How comfortable and informal.

  • Ask for support: I asked for help preparing for this meeting from my partner.

  • Wrap it up in gratitude: I was thankful for the time I was able to offer and the willingness the advertising agent offered to understand what life coaching is.

This process is flexible to meet any need

  • Time frame: 5 minutes, an hour, a morning, a day…

  • Mindset: Ever changing and infinite possibilities to meet every need in every moment: brave, compassionate, fun filled, openhearted, prosperous, lighthearted…

  • Ask for support: Why not make it easier? What can I ask for to support my journey? We’re here for each other! We are one question away from inviting more ease!

  • Gratitude: Always fresh, never ending, offers complete satisfaction. Results have seen an increase in appreciation, joy, and satisfaction.

Choosing any combination of these 4 steps is a foolproof way of transforming any moment! Happy Deciding!



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