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Break through the COVID Doldrums and Beat the Winter Blues

It is hard to see things through when we feel winter doldrums or COVID boredom. We want to get things done yet can’t seem to find the motivation to do it. We often use the words, “I’m just not feeling motivated.” Language is important.


the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

We cannot get things done using motivation because this is simply the reason for acting. The reasons to get things done can be payment, a sense of accomplishment, to cause a change for improvement. There is not inspiration or an excitement of ourselves doing it. Move the doldrums aside with believing you can do what you are setting out to accomplish!

Creative Competency

a person's belief that they have all the innate qualities to be successful when carrying out a particular task

When we feel a strong creative competency, we feel great and dive into a task with gusto and confidence. We believe we can do well and desire to begin. There is a fervor to do well in the undertaking which is the feeling of strong creative competency. When we feel good about ourselves, it is easier to approach our day with confidence and to reach out to others.

Beating the Blues

How about when we feel low creative competency? Our belief in ourselves is diminished and there is a lack of confidence. Then what? It is helpful to identify that ideas don’t come easily when we don’t believe we can do it. Remember a time you accomplished something similar. Really hold this memory vividly and relish the feeling of doing the task well. Keep holding that memory and feeling as you design your plan for the current task. The “can-do” feeling must start with the belief that you really can do this.

Doldrums Squash Creativity

Imagine the task being done. Take a few minutes to really see the completed task in your mind with the greatest detail you can imagine. Make notes and jot down what excites you about the finished project. How did you feel witnessing it? What help can you ask for to complete it? Is there an accountability partner who can support you in the process? Don’t forget powerful examples of people who have done what you are about to do. Need advice? Don’t forget to ask!

Standing on the Edge

We all have moments of being at the edge of our knowledge and experience base. This is not a comfortable place to be. It helps knowing that this discomfort is normal and a sign that growth is happening. Exiting your comfort zone, you can welcome yourself to the land of discovery and emergence! This is another way to bolster your confidence and boost your energy as you work toward the completion of your task.

Honor the Progress

We can feel higher creative competency if we celebrate our success as we achieve it. Praise and honor the work done well all along the way. This builds our belief in ourselves and supports those around us by celebrating their success. Every win is a win. If you find that you are getting stuck, choose to act. Just like clutter begets clutter, ruminating on the negative brings about more negative. Shake off low energy with movement and action.

Dial it Up

Think of 10 things that make you feel fantastic. Keep dialing up your thoughts to increase your feeling of wellbeing. When you feel good, you believe you can accomplish the tasks you set out for yourself. What are you doing in your day to feel fantastic? I bought a box of taper candles and light 3 tapers every evening to light my evenings by. I took up rowing to challenge my work out routine. I ask myself every day, “What do I need?” and offer myself the support and care for the answers that come up. I meditate every day and try new guided meditations. These are a variety of ways that I dial up the good feelings I have for myself. In turn, it helps me to continue the belief that I do amazing work and that I can do great things.

The quality that stands out to me in this process is curiosity to see beyond what I am looking at in this moment. When I work with creative competency, I am asking questions which infuses the project with life. I start to love the task with the answers that are revealed in the process. It also means believing in myself. In my head, it sounds like, “You’ve Got This.” May you hold that, feel it, and believe it in your next task…You’ve Got This. Kick the winter blues out of the door and sidestep the uncertainty of COVID. Reach out to return to your creative competency and begin anew!



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