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How to Avoid Calendar Overload

Take a moment and reflect on your calendar time slots. Are you booked from the moment you begin your day to the moment you clock out? This level of calendar obligations is depleting if it is not counterbalanced with quiet, beauty, and personal needs. This is a reminder that we’re in the heart of summer and you can offer yourself an easy breezy mindset by a little calendar hygiene.

Begin Fresh, End Strong

Set aside the first 15-30 minutes to orient to the day and gather your thoughts. Think through what you support you need to ask for. Is there something that you shouldn’t be doing but rather delegate? Spend this start time thinking through your strategy in the meetings to come today. Make your game plan before you hit the ground running. Your direction and impact will be focused with these few minutes getting your day set for yourself. End your day with 20-30 minutes to wrap up. Make a solid plan for tomorrow to leave work at work. Ask yourself the same questions of support and delegation as you set aside your day. Leave with the freedom of only being your personal life self as you walk out the door. End strong with the intention of equally living out your life outside of work.

Block Your Time

Start your day off right with an overview of time blocks as well as what you hope to accomplish. Try to choose one priority to work on. Look to see when you can work on this priority and block the time to work at work. Block you lunch break. Block a 15-minute walk in the afternoon. Do you have a needy team? Block office hours to be open to multiple concerns in the same hour. This is a great way to create a buddy system and get support for the new kids on the block.

Honor Summer Fun

What is near to you that bring you peace and joy? Block 1 field trip a week for yourself to visit this place. I’m ending my week visiting the James Watrous Gallery to see Robin Jebavy: Seeing is Being. Enjoy the preview below:

What are things you love to do that only happen this season? Did you put a few of these in your calendar? Picnic at your favorite swimming hole? A concert on the lawn? Create time for doing the things you love to develop your sense of honoring your free time, relaxing time, and summer fun. Joy is honoring the balance of work and the art of living.



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