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Oh My Goodness, We Got a Puppy!

Insert your statement of what is big in your life right now. Graduation? Job change? Birth? Death? It can be a range of wonderful to undesired. Life ebbs and flows…right? Changes in work, marriage, life passages, finances, global events, and community are common areas to feel emotions or to feel stuck. Here are some ways to ease and find joy amid change.

When life presents a fullness to overflowing, don’t ignore it, numb it, and avoid it but rather face it with wholeness.

Name it Out

Please name your experience. Like researching a project that is new, name out with curiosity what you are experiencing and feeling. Grab a journal, a friend/loved one and talk the experience out of your body. Start with where you are at and what is happening. Don’t forget, you can always talk to your life coach too!

We got an 8-week-old puppy 3 weeks ago. Everything in our lives have been upended. Sleep, routine, focus, and communication have all been affected by having a puppy. Naming it would be: unexpected change (I just didn’t know how greatly everything would change!) and an unknown future timeline. I am holding this in my shoulders and furrowed brow. My practice this week is to allow the breath to wash over tense areas of my body. I am holding curiosity to see if I can let go a little bit more. Even typing this, I softened my forehead and offered space and grace to my body and my mind relaxing.

Find the laughter

Of course, there is puppy breath, joy, silliness, and pure delight. Lightening up requires looking at how temporary this time is. This too shall pass. Am I noticing the present time and the gifts that are here? I’m laughing at the amount of leaves that can stick to Aldo’s fur and the forest that arrives in my living room with this puppy!

Find what is possible

I never thought I would put my yoga mat, weights, and bolster for mediation in the kitchen! When you look at a challenge you are navigating, wonder about what is possible. Sometimes we must turn things upside down to see a different way to achieve the possible in the midst of what seems impossible.

Ask for help

Seriously…ask for help. One thing. Every day. When we practice asking for support, we remember that we are not alone. Human beings need each other. Reach out, reach around, reach up. I feel like we are humans that dance and sway between giving and receiving, planting and harvest, being and doing. In all these changes, ask, “Who can I connect with this week?”

Navigate with the Stars

I’m on the 4:45-6:15 morning shift with my tiny bladdered furry friend. Every morning I stand outside under the stars. The moon has been a sliver the past few days and the stars are brilliant. I am a blip in the universe. This point of view allows me to pan out and appreciate the vastness of the starry skies. The vastness of love. The vastness of possibility. When I can be small, I can appreciate the bigger things of beauty. When my inner dialog is big and pushy, it can be easy to miss the scope of this gift of being in this lifetime.

Song, Music, Movement, Soul Work

Belt it out. Shimmy and sway. Tap into what is beautiful. Song, art, nature…Let your spirits be raised. Three hours ago, I was singing with a choir belting it out. I took the chance and sang out the tension in my body. I sang down to my bones. Now, I’m sitting outside with the wind tearing through the treetops, sunshine pouring down and squirrels gathering for winter as Aldo sleeps next to me. We are on a journey, and I care about how we travel. I care about your journey. I would love to hear how you are doing! Sending you heaping loads of love, light and kindness today.



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