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PERMA Approach to Retreat

Katie Drescher, Nancy Kalsow and I are thrilled to prepare a day for you PERMA style. Join us for an exclusive one-day women’s retreat on October 30th. Human beings feel fulfilled and positive when we have met these 5 aspects positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning/purpose, and accomplishment.

  • Positive Emotion: Retreat in a room full of joy.

  • Engagement: Your day away will feel amazing!

  • Relationships: Come meet powerful amazing women on your day away.

  • Meaning/Purpose: What you think, say, and do matters.

  • Accomplishment: Recognize and Value Yourself

Retreat for a day and receive Positive Emotion

Imagine walking into a room of women who are all there to be uplifted and expecting a day that feels great. You are guaranteed offerings and energy that inspires positive emotion as well as take home ideas and tools to continue fostering that great feeling in a routine that works for you. I am already imagining the smiling faces that are celebrating their day away, nurturing their needs and receiving fulfillment.

Delight in a Day of Engagement

Dr. Martin Seligman describes engagement as feeling like you are in a feeling of flow. Time goes fast and you feel connected and focused. A day retreat is designed to keep you in a state of flow. You will be moving effortlessly from enjoyment, learning, rest, and connection. It is a finite period of time to engage in your inner thoughts, connection to others, and peaceful quiet in form of walking in nature or reflection. I know we’ll all come to the end of the day with a full heart and a wondering of how it went so quickly…the answer is a day of flow.

New Ideas, New tools for Relationships

Relationships are crucial in our lives. We need community as humans, yet we are not always using communication tools that enhances our relationships. This day retreat is designed to teach and offer ways to connect better to self and others. Relationships are messy and a day away can be the first step in fostering better connection by fostering a better connection with your own thoughts, words, and actions. Relationships matter and it starts with your relationship with yourself.

Humans need Purpose and Meaning

What makes you get up in the morning with zest? Come away and hear ideas from other women about what their zest is. Getting back in touch with purpose and meaning is definable and simple and can be accomplished in many ways. We often are caught up in the stress and business of doing life and forget about the meaning of what we do. Take a day away and celebrate what you are doing and learn some simple ways of choosing reinforceable ideas of tapping into personal purpose and meaning.


We feel good when we accomplish things: a goal, crossing off an item on a list, an achievement. This day away is focused on celebrating YOU. Set your goal today to sign up for the retreat! Feel the accomplishment of giving yourself and a friend a gift of a day away to increase the wellbeing in your life! I look forward to celebrating you on our day retreat away.

Want to learn more? You can find more details including the program for the day here.



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