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Starting the New Year with Intention

It’s the last week of 2021. I like wringing out the old year by reflecting as I ring in the New Year with intention. This year, I’m using YearCompass This reflection is based on their questions.

In this year ahead, I believe anything is possible.

I love this statement. Expansive and possible thinking opens ideas and hope for 2022. I’ll be honest, I wrestled with this as I await a new hip. When I believe anything is possible, I am forced to set aside excuses and come up with solutions. There IS a way. If I am avoiding something, this statement shines a light to the path of making it possible. Reviewing what is possible, I dispel victim thinking by the simple idea that it can happen. I stop creating roadblocks and shift thinking to creating the way. When I believe anything is possible, CAN becomes the verb of choice.

What word do you want to hold in 2022?

My word for the year is… Littleness. My natural tendency is to make things big and complicated. Most times this comes from ego, wanting to please, and habit. What can emerge this year if my focus becomes on the little moments that make up the day? I will be immersed in the same schedule, but I think of littleness, I can keep breaking off projects in smaller chunks. Similarly, if there is less of my wanting or not wanting, there is more for me to notice in the moment. If I set down my way, what beauty can be recognized in the gift of the present? I think that littleness is discovery and acceptance. I can choose littleness and pick up gems of kindness and hope along my 2022 path. Littleness will be how I hold the moments between old and new year. That feels softer and more peaceful. What word would you like to hold to capture your focus for 2022?

What is my secret wish for 2022?

What would be absolutely wonderful for 2022? Imagine it happening. Hold your wish as a guide forward. The hopes we have in our heart create meaning in the doings of the day. Take some time in between the old and new years to kindle hope in your heart. What do you hope for? What do you wish to burn brightly in your next year?

There are other questions in this reflection that challenge. What am I ready to put down and forgive? What three things do I want to celebrate from 2021? The guide offers “magical triplet” questions that I encourage for you to explore. “I love these three things about myself”, “I will dare to discover these three things.” “I will have the power to say no to these three things”… Download the packet here. Enjoy your New Year’s celebration. Let me know if any of the questions sparked something new in you!



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