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The Earned Life: Key Learnings from Marshall Goldsmith

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Marshall Goldsmith is an executive coach who offered a talk for other coaches. Enclosed are his words of wisdom.

  • Achievement is not happiness. Happiness is not achievement. Rather than being happy someday when I’ve accomplished x, y or happy now.

  • Every moment is new. Be curious what this moment holds.

  • What are you investing in yourself today that you hope to have returns on in 20 years?

  • Be a person at work and at home that is attractive to be around. Positive vibes, kindness, compassion, caring. Be that person wherever you are.

  • Make peace with the fact that every decision is made by the person who has the power to make that decision. We can influence the decision maker and try to sell our idea. It is not guaranteed the decision maker will buy.

  • Don’t get so busy chasing what you don’t have that you cannot see what you do have.

  • Life is short, have fun.

  • Help people.

  • Be a billboard for Joy.

Daily questions to end the day: Did I do my best to

  1. Set clear goals?

  2. Make progress toward goal achievement?

  3. Be happy?

  4. Find meaning?

  5. Build positive relationships?

  6. Be fully engaged?

A happy life will find the most yes’s to the end of those questions.



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