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Happy Valentine’s Day! Inner Decorating Ideas

This Valentine’s Day I would like to celebrate YOU. Let’s pretend that we can magically visit our inner thoughts as guests. If I were to knock on the inner door of your mental home, what would I discover?

Inner spaces have areas that are solid and robust. These are our areas of strengths and bring enjoyment to life. What do you feel internally confident about? We feel grounded in values and solid in the places where we experience deep and healthy love.

Inner chatter can seem chaotic and lacking focus. These are areas that might be experiencing new growth or undecided ideas. What decision are waiting to be made?

Inner space can feel empty and awaiting growth. We might hear an idea or have a dream that we have no idea where to begin with. Take a trip with me today to explore some inner rooms. Let’s discover if your inner decor matches your outside aspirations.

A room for Kindness

When I have kind words for myself, I can be a presence of kindness for another.

I’m not talking about NICE. Nice is an appearance of behavior that lacks the depth of love. Kindness is a genuine love. Our first room on our inner tour is Kindness. Welcome to your inner presence of love and welcoming. When you look around your inner ability of kindness, how much do you find? What kind of room holds this generous quality? It’s easy to have a heaping kindness for those we love in life. Your Kindness room may be all windows looking out at your loved ones, but what mirrors do you see in this room for yourself?

If I were to redecorate with you, I’d want to start by some built-in bookshelves that hold the celebrations of who you are. I want to look on your bookshelf and see “Way to Go, Self!” and “Unique: I’m a beautiful Creation”. I want your inner room to have a hot cup of tea, your favorite music, and a beautiful inner landscape. When we adorn our inner selves with kindness, we can offer that generous welcoming to others. When we look at ourselves in the mirror of kindness, it is important to smile and begin with loving ourselves with generous exuberance. This means to say kind things in our minds. The background music in this room has the refrain of “You are loved. You are worthy of a wonderful life. You are great at your choices! Keep choosing the things we need!”

A room for Compassion

When I have compassion for myself, I can have compassion for others.

This next room holds the ability to make mistakes and love ourselves. We hear all the time that we are not perfect people, yet there is an underlying culture that demands mistakelessness. Welcome to compassion within! It is here that we can be fully human and try new things without the need for perfection. Compassion offers the voice of love that says, “Look at that! Wow! You tried it! It didn’t work the way you expected this time but try again! You can do it!”

Compassion allows me to accept trying something new and not doing it right the first time. Old junky decor include shame, blame and guilt. These might be dusty and cruddy from years of grumbling in the background. They whisper, “That was dumb. You should have known better.” Or “Are you sure you know it all before you start?” “Don’t get caught failing at this new thing!” Get the mops and brooms to sweep out these old habits. They are no longer needing to occupy space and energy in your inner room.

A room for Repetition: Our Inner Gym

What do we repeat in our minds over and over? Are we strengthening what feels empowering and positive? This Valentine’s Day, how can you offer yourself support? What needs can you meet in this moment? Our inner gym can be remembering to take a breath when feeling stressed. It might be to smile at yourself in the mirror every time you wash your hands. Drop and give yourself 20 things you want to celebrate about yourself today. What you practice grows bigger. What do you want to grow in your mental space?

You deserve a wonderful inner decor. Being mindful of what you choose to watch, listen to, eat, and drink are all real ways of redecorating our mental spaces. When we treat ourselves well, we can treat others well. When we love ourselves first, we have the capacity to extend a high-quality love to others. Need help with the paint colors? Would you like to co-create new choices for your inner decor? Book your session today to set up the life you want to be living!



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